4 HDB Kitchen Styles To Suit Your Needs

4 HDB Kitchen Styles To Suit Your Needs


What you see here is a different style of kitchen in almost the same amount of space. But they are all different from each other, showing the versatility and flexibility of the space.

The first example is a modern, industrial like kitchen, loaded with all the appliances and abundance of storage space. The colour of the elements perfectly works with the silver shine of the appliances, resulting in that premium, sleek and industrial look.

Another example of the same space is a kitchen with less storage, less appliances, but more nature and space. If you like your kitchen to have more space to “breathe”, you opt for fewer elements.

All the basics are still there, but the unnecessary elements are removed. The wooden finishing gives the room more natural look and feel. The most traditional kitchen is the all white with a marble countertop. Fruits, veggies and spices give the room a traditional feel and look, but in a modern environment.

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