Bedroom Inspirations @ Infiniti

Bedroom Inspirations @ Infiniti


The richness and the complexity of the colors is amazing in both bedrooms. The first one, painted in emerald green, with coffee like wallpaper motives symbolizes wealth, power, ambition and high reputation in the society.

It is a room for those who love to express their power. Even the chandelier sends the message of a wealthy homeowner.

The second bedroom is another example of displayed power and wealthy, but to a more modest level. The headboard, combined with the mirror behind it adds a unique level of deepness and complexity to the room.

Shades of brown paint the room, with examples of chocolate brown, earthy brown, and other shades. All the brown shades complement the wooden furniture and the parquet. You can say the second bedroom looks a lot like a Scandinavian bedroom, being one with the nature. However, it lacks the natural light and the color scheme for that.

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