Classic Interior Themes For The Beloved Home

Classic Interior Themes For The Beloved Home


An interior design theme that is able to defy time is what can be termed as classic. Black, white and grey are the dominant colors on the walls, ceiling and the floor as well.

Floral patterns and other nature inspired motifs are incorporated into the setting to break the monotony of these otherwise subdued colors. The use of exotic wood finishes on areas such as the living room is a much welcomed addition in an otherwise mortar and brick fashioned home.


The lighting has to be done just right in each and every room to create the desired ambiance. For a single room there are many light sources to foster a well to do look. Dark curtains are an instant hit that is able to bring out the wonders of today’s incandescent light at night. It is able to keep the peace by completely shutting out sun’s rays for those late weekend mornings.


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