Contemporary Design Idea @ 368 Thomson

Contemporary Design Idea @ 368 Thomson


A classic example how a small room with few elements can look so spacious. When you look at the room, there is nothing that you would add, since it is perfect the way it is. The violet color is an excellent option to bring some color, and the wallpaper makes the room playful, yet elegant in the same time.

The bedroom is another example how a line here and there can change the outlook of a room. Take the wardrobe for example. Unlike classic wardrobes with straight lines, the curviness of the element, combined with the perfect bluish color results in a unique wardrobe that you are hard pressed to find in another apartment.

It is evident that the designer has put a lot of effort and creativity into designing every little detail in the apartment.
Unique colors implemented into a rather boring cream shade are the theme of the apartment, and that theme continues into the entry hall as well.

Greeted by an interesting, playful picture, you know you are entering an artistic, contemporary apartment where the term style is the first association.

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