Contemporary @ Tanah Merah Cresent Condo

Contemporary @ Tanah Merah Cresent Condo


This home has sophisticated elegance.

The large windows in the living room offer a great cityscape view, almost like a giant framed picture.
There’s a lot of texture and depth in this room like the timber panelled wall with the mounted TV and a built-in console below. A third of the wall, from the bottom, also has a matching textured finish in dark brown giving it a rich look.

The dining area is simple and elegant with a round table and stylish chairs. The wall is covered with timber panels and mirror, making it a great feature. A beautiful and minimalistic hanging pendant light adds a soft touch.

Texture and colour contrast play beautifully in this master bedroom, making it warm and inviting. The light timber floor goes very well with the dark timber on the cupboards. The TV is nestled between two sliding panels that can be closed for a neat, uncluttered look when the TV is not in use. A beautiful lamp above the bed offers soft lighting.

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