Design Ideas For HDB BTO

Design Ideas For HDB BTO


Feel inspired by the design ideas for this HDB BTO project? The apartment is designed with a mix of contemporary style and retro style. You can certainly spot some trends of the past looking at the interior design of this apartment. The retro style decor reflects in textures, colors and overall lively flair.

Some noticeable elements in the living room are bucket chair in radiant turquoise, textured armrests of the sofa, animal printed accent cushions and area rug with funky print. Each furniture piece and decorative piece in the living room catches attention with their unique shape or vivid color.

Center table in bright yellow color, colorful decorative mugs and large lampshade next to the sofa –all of them are distinctive in character. Turquoise blue dining chairs, peach colored fridge and red kitchen appliance add a pop of color.

The whole apartment has utilized different colors and textures in furniture, furnishings, wood, rugs, blankets and curtains. This bold and unusual style of decorating is pleasing to the eyes.