Eight Courtyard @ Canberra

Eight Courtyard @ Canberra


The romantic feeling seizes the living room. While it looks like a traditional contemporary room, the pale colors used for the furniture, as well as the drapery add a touch of romance. The room has a lot of natural light during the day, while the ceiling light provides the required amount of lighting during the romantic nights. And we love how the bold red chair pops out.

The color palette used in the bedroom perfectly complements the wooden furniture, creating a blend of colors. You might think that the furniture is lost within all those similar colors, but the result is the opposite. Every single element is emphasized by a lighter or darker shade of the same color. Brilliant!

And once you get to the children rooms, you enter the world of art and colors. The light blue and light green are calm, yet elegant color solutions. And both rooms have a special place for a bit art. The green room serves you letters, while the blue room is enriched with children friendly photographs.

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