Estella Garden @ Flora Rd

Estella Garden @ Flora Rd


You do not have much space to work and play with, but you always try to make the best of it. Light blue is an excellent color choice for any interior design, but in the living room, combined with and lots of light, it just feels right. And nothing screams home like several wall arts “Home” on the wall in the living room.

Unlike the living room that is smaller than usual living rooms, the kitchen provides lots of space. All the usual suspects are here, with some equipment hanging right next to the sink. This way, you have your equipment within reach while cooking.

Red vases are an excellent accessory, breathing a little life in an otherwise dull and monochrome kitchen.
Light blue serves as a theme in the bedroom as well. Built in closets are used to provide extra space.

The whole apartment follows an artistic line, which in the bedroom is expressed by the violet artificial flowers and little snowballs.