Funky, Bold And Modern Minimalist Design

Funky, Bold And Modern Minimalist Design


Few people can be as bold as this designer. One of the tricks in modern design is to add a splash of color to make the space look more interesting, but in reality, few opt to go that route. Instead, they stick to the safe approach of minimalistic black and white combination.

What we have here is thinking outside of the box at its best display. Orange is a great color choice for vibrant and vivid atmosphere and it blends ideally with the brown and white main color theme.

Another excellent design trick is to remove all the walls in the apartment, and make it residential. The bedroom and the living room are separated by some kind of a TV feature wall. However, due to the transparency, it is like there is no wall at all.

The solution might not be welcomed for those who appreciate their privacy, but it works great in this case. After all, this is a residential type of an apartment.

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