HDB 3-Room @ Meiling Street

HDB 3-Room @ Meiling Street


This home features the magical transformation a renovation can make. The plain and dull room is transformed into a stylish and cosy space. A feature wall is created by using wall paper. A leather bed adds a touch of luxury. Matching side tables, smart window dressings and built in wardrobes finish off the room with style and practicality.

This other room also turns from drab to fab. A fresh lick of paint, patterned wall paper, modern window treatment – all make a dramatic transformation. By replacing the old door for the ensuite with translucent glass, the room is transformed into a modern and light space.

The boxy, outdated kitchen is made trendy and modern by opening up the walls. Instead of the overpowering blue highlights in the old kitchen, white is liberally used to create a more spacious look.

The living and dining area are remarkably transformed from dull and boring to colourful and inviting. The tiled floor is replaced with hardwood floors, and more straight lines and angles update the space with style.

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