HDB 3D Design Ideas @ Marsiling

HDB 3D Design Ideas @ Marsiling


Entering the living room, you get a feeling of nature being all around you. The living room has that mystic sense of the jungle, where surprises can come out from every corner. But the very color of the room, that brownish shade is what adds to the mystery. The nature elements, such as the fish tank and the plant are more than just accessories, they are the spirit and the soul of the room.

In the bedroom, on the other hand, it is all about the amount of light. Even though the room boasts large windows, the designer has added few other light sources. But the light in this case is mostly used for focusing and putting emphasis on different elements.

And in the bedroom, there are tons of elements that need focus. All in all, the bedroom has all the necessary objects, with a little extra touches of nature, art and elegance.

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