HDB 3D Inspirations

HDB 3D Inspirations


The right detail can captivate a room. This is especially applicable in modern and contemporary design, where the goal is to put as less objects as possible in the room.

Therefore, you need something puts a stamp on the room and takes it to the next level. Take the statue next to the TV for example. Without it, the living room is mostly ordinary black and white living room. But the statue adds character, style, and artistic presence.

Positioning is also important, as you want the light to flow directly into the room towards the TV.
The kitchen is a perfect example of how luxurious and premium marble looks in a kitchen. While it is in small doses, just for the countertop, it serves as the glue of the kitchen, making everything around it look even better.

Black and white bedrooms can sometimes be too ordinary and dull, but not this one. With a touch of crème and silver color, and different elements and forms on the wall, the room has achieved the necessary playfulness.

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