HDB 4-Room BTO With Ample Storage

HDB 4-Room BTO With Ample Storage


And then God said, ‘Let there be light’. Armed with large windows, this apartment provides plenty of light for its tenants. By using white, cream and other pale light colors, the designers have managed to take full advantage of the natural light flow in the home.

Another aspect worth talking is the wooden furniture implemented in the interior design. Wood is one of the most versatile materials, and is valued for the sturdiness it provides.

When used properly, wood can completely transform a room. It is usually a hard task to fit wood into a modern and contemporary design, but everything works here.

A key aspect of the interior design is functionality, practical usage and multifunctional furniture. Exhibit A – the shelving with bed popping out; exhibit B – glass made wardrobe providing mirrors and reflection of light in the room. And Exhibit C – the bathroom, where the small space has been fully used to fit all the necessary equipment.

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