HDB 5-Room At Blk 3 Holland Close

HDB 5-Room At Blk 3 Holland Close


Sophistication is the key here, as the designer strives to get that sophisticated, clean and elegant look. There are not many elements in the interior design, but those that are there, are truly masterpieces and work of art.

For example, the living room features a few key objects that make it look as sophisticated as possible. Some of those are the tree sculpture by the TV, the vases and objects on the TV cabinet, and let’s not forget the chandelier in the dining room.

The color choice is also as sophisticated as they come. The color is a mix between grey, brown and white. While on first glance, it looks a lot like a black and white combination, the designer uses unique and uncommon shades of the main colors to achieve the sophisticated look.

The bedroom is designed in the same manner, with a little more touch of art. The picture wall is a state of the art element. The fact that none of the pictures look similar, and there is no clear theme between them, only adds to the uniqueness of the design.

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Project By: Designscale Pte Ltd