HDB BTO 3D Design Ideas @ Tampines

HDB BTO 3D Design Ideas @ Tampines


This is your classic old school, traditional kitchen. Large, with lots of space to work with, and of course, the washing machine is placed in the kitchen. Back in the days, the bathroom was just a small room for showering, and there was no place for a washing machine there. Houses had large kitchens, and the machine was placed there.

Aside from the traditional touch, the kitchen evokes the rustic elements, as evident by the overuse of wood as a main building element. Even the tiles are more of an earthy color, a color characteristic for traditional homes.

The bedroom is another story. It is more of a modern style bedroom, with lots of natural light and modern lines.

However, the touch of country side style is present as well. The designer has managed to inject that country side life with few pictures above the wall, all of them resembling the life on the country.

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