HDB BTO 4-Room 3D Design Ideas

HDB BTO 4-Room 3D Design Ideas


You can say there are four apartments within one apartment. Every room is a tale of itself, with different designs, colors and motives. But the theme that blends them all together is 3D and adding dimensions to the space.

Starting from the living room, you can notice the extra dimension even on the sofa, where a whole row of pillows has been added. Usually, pillows are added just to the corners of the sofa, but in this case, a whole row is there. And behind the TV, a marble like wall in addition to the original wall serves the purpose for an extra dimension.

In the bedroom, art is the topic of demand. Even the table lamp is artistic, and all the pillows come with special motives. The pictures on the wall just add to the look. As for the extra dimension, you can see how wall is around 20 centimeters above the wardrobe, giving deepness to the room.

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