HDB BTO 4-Room At Yishun

HDB BTO 4-Room At Yishun


Clean is the first word that comes to mind when looking at the apartment, and rightfully so. The designer sticks to minimalism as the key element of the interior. In the same time, the designer tries to bring the nature element in the apartment in the best way.

Choosing a light brown color that resemblances nature environment is just the first step. The next step is introducing different elements of nature to the space. First off, the fish tank, which in this case is built in with the wardrobe/cabinet.

The bonsai tree in the corner and the vase on the club table are two more living nature elements. However, the designer doesn’t stop with living nature elements. Even the pictures are nature inspired.

In the bedroom, we see a different type of headboard, where the bed looks a bit built in into the wall, with the nightstand included in the headboard. The bed is lifted from the floor, and combined with the floating nightstand it allows for the energy to flow freely through the room. You can say that the bedroom ticks all of the boxes for feng shui principles.

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