HDB BTO 4-Room Modern Victorian At Blk 18D Macpherson Residency

design chapterz modern victorian bathroom

HDB BTO 4-Room Modern Victorian At Blk 18D Macpherson Residency


design chapterz modern victorian living area
When it comes to Victorian style interior, this HDB 4-room flat at Macpherson Residency  is all about decorations and ornaments. Trying to mix modern and Victorian style, the designer integrates the Victorian decoration in the modern furniture. 

This is mostly visible in the master bathroom, where the designer embellishes the mirror with Victorian style decorations.

In other rooms, the Victorian style decorations are mostly reserved for the chandeliers and drapery.

However, in the living room, everything resembles a Victorian style interior. Even the TV console shelving is a cabinet that looks like it was borrowed from the Victorian era. The finishing, and especially the round edges are what makes the cabinet unique.

Toss in the marble TV feature wall for the living area, and you are welcomed in a room full with luxury, prestige and style.

In the master bedroom, we again see a Victorian style approach for the carpentry, especially for the wardrobe cabinet. The style used closely resembles cabinets from few centuries ago, and the bed is also done in a royal style. The crystal chandelier is a must.

The only room where the designer sticks mostly to modern style is the kitchen. Using MDF high gloss material for the finishing of the kitchen elements is very modern like, with the only Victorian touch the wooden counter top.

design chapterz modern victorian kitchen
design chapterz modern victorian master bedroom
design chapterz modern victorian bathroom

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