HDB BTO 4-Room Practical Modern Design

HDB BTO 4-Room Practical Modern Design


What is unique about this design is the way the designer uses colors. Every room is painted in a different color, which gives the impression that each room is its own, separate environment.

But all the colors are on pair with the modern theme. In the kitchen, for example, the designer opts for a metallic silver finishing and a black and white combination. The color, in combination with the appliances creates a certain flow.

With the bedrooms, we get two different designs and styles. The first one is a lighter shade of brown, combined with multiple mirrors and wooden finishing. The second option has more depth, thanks to the texture and the darker shade of brown. In both cases, however, light plays a huge role, and both are designed with the sky like effect on the ceiling.

Plants in the apartment are very carefully picked and placed in a subtle way that they do not attract attention.

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