HDB BTO 5-Room 3D Ideas

HDB BTO 5-Room 3D Ideas


When it comes to adding dimensions in the apartment, even the subtle things can make a huge difference. But sometimes, designers go big, and that is the case here.

There are a ton of elements, tricks and ideas that the designer has used to add another dimension to the walls, ceilings and floor. In the living room, the wall with the TV is so much rich in elements that it looks like there are 5 different walls, not just one more dimension.

The added dimensions in other rooms are more clean and neat. For example, one of the bedrooms has a bathroom in it, and instead of a wall, it is separated from the bathroom with a glass. This way, the transparent glass adds deepness to the room, making it look larger.

The cobalt blue color used just for the details in the single bedroom has been the latest trend for the past two years. Cobalt blue is an excellent, rich color that looks sophisticated in any room it is used.

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