HDB BTO 5-Room Avengers Theme @ Skyville Dawson

HDB BTO 5-Room Avengers Theme @ Skyville Dawson


This is a cool HDB BTO 5-room project designed for Skyville Dawson. All avengers fans can fall in and be awed by this beautifully designed abode. Avengers shield as TV feature, keep it classy and sophisticated. This home is bold, filled with character and one of a kind.

When style meet functionality. Initial A with hidden storage that double up as shoe cabinets/ book shelves. We are also loving the unique ceiling design!

“Choose wonderful color for your master bedroom and it will become the room of your dreams.” Enriched with Iron man’s deep and rich colors, the room is sure to catch lots of attention.

With the Hulk dominating the kitchen, need we say more about this marvelously green kitchen?

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