HDB BTO At 308A Waterway Terraces

HDB BTO At 308A Waterway Terraces


Every modern design needs something unique to separate itself from the crowd. In this HDB BTO home, mosaics play a huge role in the interior design.

Unlike other modern designs, where minimalism is the main theme, the designer here opts not to save on furniture and elements. As for the mosaics, they come in unconventional shapes and forms, such as the TV feature wall, which can also be described as the schematics for the apartment itself.

Another underrated element and not easy to spot is the use of vintage elements, such as the coffee table in the living room and the chairs in the dining room. Vintage gives a unique feeling to the modern design of the apartment and blends ideally with the wooden furniture that is the mark of the Scandinavian influence.

In the bedroom, we get another “mosaic” on the wall. The built in wardrobe is in unconventional form and shape, with mirrors here and there, and lines that are in no order.

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