HDB BTO Small But Cozy And Full With Warmth

HDB BTO Small But Cozy And Full With Warmth


You can never say this HDB BTO flat lacks warmth and comfort. And creativity should be the second name of this home.

It is nearly impossible not to notice the lines on the wall in the living room and the kitchen which knit one form of a spider web. And while many associate spiders as ugly insects, the web that the designer has knitted is more than beautiful and gives character and style to the apartment.

Even though the designer works with small space, he completely maximizes the potential of it. Without the room for a traditional dining table, the designer places a bar like countertop, but low enough to serve as a dining table. Of course, if needed, the chairs can be removed, and the space can be transformed in an excellent party environment.

The most important aspect of the home is that it has plenty of natural flow. The brightness is at satisfactory level and the tiles on the wall additionally reflect the light.

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