HDB Contemporary Bedrooms @ Teck Whye Lane

HDB Contemporary Bedrooms @ Teck Whye Lane


You are hard pressed to find a bigger, more elegant bedroom. With two double beds, the room provides flexibility and different sleeping arrangements.

The large window provides plenty of light, with a huge shelving and wardrobe to fit all the clothes, books, and every other object. Two walls are free for decorations with pictures, the wall above the bed and the one opposite the bed.

The second bedroom is a mix of a bedroom and a working room. The desk is elegantly positioned by the window, where you get the light needed for cheerful working environment.

And if you are a fan of liquor, the glass shelving gives you the space to store all your Ballantines, Jack Daniels, Jim Beams, Courvoisier, Smirnoff and other expensive liquors.

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