HDB Contemporary @ Trivelis Clementi

HDB Contemporary @ Trivelis Clementi


Some designers choose one style and stick with it in the interior, while others mix several styles and blend them into one powerful outlook. The latter can be said here.

Looking into the living room, you can find a touch of everything: contemporary, modern, art deco, rustic, and whatever suits you. But that is what makes the interior perfect. It is a risky move, but the designer has managed to pull it off. With a touch of nature plants, it looks like a render from a magazine, not an actual home.

The dining room continues the theme of mixtures, where a rustic, wooden dining table is combined with rather modern chairs.

However, once in the bedroom, it is all about contemporary. The classic black and white combination has been modified to a black and brown for the shelves behind the bed, and they look perfect. Add in the floor to ceiling windows for natural light, and drapes to transform the room for romantic mood if needed, and you have flexibility at its best.

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