HDB Design Ideas @ Blk 342C Yishun Ring

HDB Design Ideas @ Blk 342C Yishun Ring


A great use of glass and mirrors, this contemporary home takes full advantage of the potential of modern materials. Less walls equals more lighting, as well as visually bigger rooms. Many designers overlook the potential of the glass as a wall material, but it is done to perfection here.

Glass is especially useful and appealing when put in a black and white combination, amplifying the effect and the drama of the colors.

The only problem with glass is that the material is breakable, and therefore presents a risk for home owners. But the reward outweighs the downside.

Possibly the highest mark of the room is the picture in the hallway, as well as the book shelves. The book shelves provide so much options and flexibility. Open all for a full display, or close some to emphasize your most precious books and decorations.

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