HDB Multifunctional Living In A Modern Style

HDB Multifunctional Living In A Modern Style


This living room has everything, to put it simply. But the goal of the living room is much more than just serve as a place for relaxation, chit chat and watching television. On the contrary, you can safely say that this living room is three rooms in one.

For starters, there is an office corner, the core living room, and a corner for the piano. While they are not separated by a wall or something, the different furniture is what keeps them separated. For example, the furniture for the piano is leather, unlike the other part of the furniture in the room.

And as a side bonus, the living room is also linked with the dining room. In other words, you might spend the whole day in it, without the need to leave if for finishing other tasks. And that is a good thing.

The interior design as a whole sticks to principles of modern design, with some touches of Scandinavian design. The clear lines of the furniture are a clear sign of Scandinavian influence.

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