Inspiring Open Concept Kitchen Design That Really Work

Inspiring Open Concept Kitchen Design That Really Work


What you see here is a modern, Western style done kitchen. In the kitchen, while most people prepare the food, there are those who also like to use the room as a social spot for gatherings, gossip and chat with friends.

The kitchen is done in an open concept, and the bar chairs next to the kitchen island provide the perfect seating spot for “guests” and “observers” to chat while you prepare the food.

The kitchen is also very big, with lots of space for the energy to flow. The spacious space allows for more than one member of the family to be in the kitchen at the time. And as many can confirm, cooking together is one of the best family bonding activities.

Even though the kitchen is big and spacious, it still uses some of the tricks for small kitchens. For example, there are several hidden storage tricks that save space.

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