Modern Western Style At Belysa

Modern Western Style At Belysa


A modern interior design, with a little touch of Western Style is what makes the apartment unique. Some themes drag through the whole apartment, such as the round chandelier.

In the dining room, however, the designer goes all in for luxury, adding a chandelier with crystals that resembles baroque style. In the other rooms, the designer keeps things simple and minimal.

Minimalism is another theme that drags through the apartment. But each and every room features some interesting elements that add style and character to them. From the “Keep calm and carry on” picture in the living room, to the ecliptic table lamps in the bedroom, to the shelves on the wall in the office room, uniqueness is evident.

Apart from the living room where tiles are the choice for the flooring, the laminate blends perfectly with the brown color palette and richness in the other rooms.

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