Open Concept Kitchen With Glass Door At Sengkang East

Open Concept Kitchen With Glass Door At Sengkang East


On first glance, this kitchen cabinet looks like a closed concept, but in reality it is an open concept kitchen. Don’t let the glass walls and doors fool you, as they are transparent enough to make the kitchen open concept.

The idea of using glass as borders between the kitchen cabinet and the dining room is to separate the two, but still feel like one room.

And once you get in the kitchen, you notice the quality of it and the creative and smart decisions.

For example, the kitchen counter top is made out of granite, a material that is very popular in recent years due to its durability. Granite is scratch and heat resistant, and the material really makes the kitchen shine in its full glory.

Additionally, granite, and its black color work wonderfully as a contrast to the white and light brown shades of the other elements in the kitchen and the flooring.

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