Renovation Ideas At Teck Whye Lane

Renovation Ideas At Teck Whye Lane


Usually, when the designer puts a feature wall into the living area, he/she tries to keep the wall simple and with one design. Here, we get to see a feature wall made up out of several parts that blend together into one perfect sum.

All the parts in the feature wall express a certain style used in the interior. Therefore, the designer has put wood to pay his due to the Scandinavian style, marble for modern and contemporary, and then there are nautical elements just for the fun and uniqueness of it.

Entering the bedroom, we see something that is not common in modern designs. That is the scale and the proportion of the furniture. The rather big metal lamps pop out of the whole wooden design, but that is the goal.

Some element just has to break the monotony and the routine of the room. Otherwise, you risk to get a dull space as an end result.

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