Studio Apartment With Maximised Storage

Studio Apartment With Maximised Storage


Living Hall
When you are trying to add natural aspect through wooden laminates in the interior, some designers usually choose to stick to one wooden laminate design to create a certain flow. However, in this case, we have a different approach. 

Living Hall
In the living area, for example, the designer uses different wooden laminates and timber work for the carpentry, making it every piece unique, and therefore making the room more interesting. For example, in the living area, the round dining table is different from the coffee table, even though both feature wood on the top.

Master Bedroom
In the master bedroom, the designer places another stunning TV console, again made out of different wooden laminates. A nice twist is the display section for the female’s handbags, adding a sense of luxury and prestige to the room.

Master Bedroom (Cushion Bedhead)

Another interesting aspect is the use of different shapes for the two tables, which is a way to separate the two areas in the same space.

Going further into the living area, we cannot ignore the stunning work that the designer has done with the TV console. What looks like a simple design at first glance, is actually a lot more, seeing as how there are three different wooden laminates: white and light brown for the vertical section, and dark brown for the inner section.

Adding several display niches within the TV console adds different aspects of the modern design, including a glass section.


Project By: StyleRider Pte Ltd