The Benefits Of Pastel And Pale Colours

The Benefits Of Pastel And Pale Colours


Some people go bold colors, others go pale and pastel colors. But who’s to say pale colors cannot look beautiful?

A true evidence for the beauty of pastel and pale colors, every room in the apartment is in a different color scheme. And no matter the color scheme, the designer sticks to the rule of trying different shades of one color and mixing them together.

The green color for the workroom is an excellent choice, since green is known to amplify productivity. Combined with a strong, dark brown color of the parquet, the room is in perfect contrast. But another goal that the designer has managed to do is to paint the nature in the room.

As for the bedroom, the light violet is there to help romance, emotions and love making. Everything in the room evokes over the core function of the bedroom, which is relaxation and sharing emotions with the people we love.

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