The Orient Enters The Club

The Orient Enters The Club


It seems like the Orient has been forgotten. In latest years, we rarely see oriental pieces as contemporary and modern design have taken over the interior design. And modern and contemporary tend to keep things simple.

However, in this case, we can see how the Orient works wonderfully with a modern style. But the trick, as in many other approaches of interior style is to not over do it.

In this apartment, the designer has introduced few simple oriental additions, such as the rug in the living room and the pillows on the sofa. But as crucial as the elements are, it is important that the other part of the interior complements the style. The trick here is the red color of the chairs in the living room, a color that perfectly blends with the oriental style.

As for other rooms, for example, the dining room, the designer takes another approach. The oriental element is clearly displayed by the picture, but the glasses on the table, and the wooden manufacture of the chairs complement it. If they were more modern than traditional, the picture would not blend with the room.

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