10 Dining Table Ideas To Save Space
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10 Dining Table Ideas To Save Space

Nowadays, the dining room is arguably the most flexible and versatile room in the apartment. You can attach the dining table to the kitchen island, integrate the dining room into the living room or go for a multifunctional dining table that can serve several purposes.

In a small apartment, sacrificing the dining table and the dining room is one of the first steps to save space. Since we are operating with small apartment, it is only logical to go for a small table, or a multifunctional one.

source: Vegas Interior Design

Dining tables are the center of attention in any apartment, no matter if it is small or large. Therefore, it is impossible to exclude them from the design. The dining table is more than just a spot for eating. In today’s modern world, the dining table is the spot for entertainment, gossip and chat with friends.

When you need to save space with the dining table, there are 3 common ways people go. The first option is to make the dining table as an extension of the kitchen island. This option works in open concept kitchens. By adding a table and chairs to the island, you are practically making a bar where you can hang with friends while cooking.

The second option is to locate the dining table with the sofa near the wall or in some of the corners of the room.

The third and very much used approach is the multifunctional furniture way. With the rise of multifunctional furniture, apartments now have another way to save space. We present you some ideas of multifunctional furniture. The dining table doesn’t offer much versatility when it comes to multifunctional furniture, but it can still work in some designs.

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