10 Gorgeous, Sleek And Modern Dining Rooms You Will Never Find In Singapore!
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10 Gorgeous, Sleek And Modern Dining Rooms You Will Never Find In Singapore!

You probably spend a significant amount of time at home in the dining room. It is here that you have your meals, gather with your family and friends, and perhaps sometimes even work. Here are 10 stunning dining rooms will inspire to linger in this communal space a little longer.

1. Industrial chic

Source: A. Masow Design Studio

Minimal and clean, this dining room has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Its calming ambiance makes it a great spot for a relaxing meal or intimate tête-à-tête with loved ones.

2. Go round

Source: Felipe Walter

We like round dining tables because they can accommodate more guests when needed. Take inspiration from this elegant yet cosy dining room complete with an attention-grabbing chandelier and a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf.

3. Bold statement

Source: Sandro Venturini

Nothing brightens up a space better than the use of colours. Take a cue from this cheerful dining room that has used just the right amount of bright colour to jazz up a convivial zone.

4. Great grains

Source: Oleksii Fedorenko

If you like the Zen-like look found in traditional Japanese homes, you can try incorporating wood grains into your dining space—such as on the flooring and cabinetry.

Not only is this dining room warm and cosy, it also feels spacious thanks to an open-concept kitchen. We are seeing the trend for open kitchens going strong because it is a great solution to making small apartments feel larger.

5. White out

Source: Zaki Badr Eddine

While this scheme may be difficult to maintain, it actually helps make a small dining space appear larger and brighter. If you think going all white is too much, juxtapose the palette with warm wood furnishing and subtle pops of colour using décor items.

6. Mix and match

Source: Sabina Krolikowska

A simple way to jazz up a simple dining space is to arrange different types of chairs around the dining table. This easy move gives the space a quirky touch. Just make sure to choose chairs that complement one another, and that they are of similar height.

7. Modern country style

Source: Koj Design

If you like the comforting look of a country-style space but don’t want to go all out, glean some ideas from this cosy, wood-accented space. To achieve this look, use plenty of wood furniture and wood grain furnishings, such as tables, chairs and cabinets.

To avoid going overboard, tone it down by using different coloured pieces. The use of a colourful rug also softens the look.

8. In the dark

Source: Vitalii Sauko

While having a dark dining room is not for everyone, this look can actually yield dramatic and sophisticated results. Just be sure not to swathe everything in the same hue. Tonal differences can make a space look interesting and elegant.

9. Colour pop

Source: Real World Studio & Die Small

We like this dining room because it is a scene of calm yet it is not boring. The use of a pink rug helps jazz up a neutral palette. If you don’t wish to add a rug in your dining space, another way to introduce a hint of colour is to use coloured dining accessories and cutlery.

10. Show interest

Source: Mario Velis

Another great way to make a dining space the scene-stealer in your home is to include a feature wall. Whether it is a brick-lined wall, wallpaper, an interesting art piece or a marble-effect detail seen in this dining room, the effect is unexpected and cool.

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