3 Bedroom Condo At Greenwich Seletar

3 Bedroom Condo At Greenwich Seletar

Here’s one of our latest completed projects at Greenwich Condominium at the Seletar area. This design takes on a woody and down to earth concept.

We designed a functional shoe cabinet and coupled it with a mini seatee for our client. It acts as a storage compartment and provides a place to sit when putting on shoes.

Above: The view of the living room and the corridor that leads to the other bedrooms. Note the overhead shelf above the dining table.

Above: View from the balcony into the living room.

Above: Heads up! The wooden panel above subtly demarcates the TV and dining area of the home from the kitchen and entry area.

Above: As you can see, we added a cove light into the overhead panel which emanates a warm glow.

Above: The view from behind the kitchen counter into the living room.

Above: Partitions need not be tacky. We incorporated form and functionality into this design, creating a mini shelving system that looks out of the ordinary. Being just outside the bathroom, it serves as a good place to store after shower products for easy access.

Note the cove lights underneath the steps on the right, and above the partition as well.

Above: Do you feel the bedroom calling out to you? Anyone who sleeps here most definitely will wake up refresh every morning!

Some of you may remember the 3D mock-ups which we done for this project earlier on. Need a refresher? Here you go!

Keep checking back for more of our completed projects and let us know what you think in the comments below!