3 Types Of Kitchen Countertops You Must Know!
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3 Types Of Kitchen Countertops You Must Know!

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When it comes to material for the kitchen countertop, homeowners choose between solid surfaces, synthetic materials or natural materials. In the category of natural materials and stones, granite, marble and quarts are among the popular choices and each one has its own benefits and weaknesses. 

urban habitat kitchen granite 1
Starting with the granite countertop, where the biggest advantage is durability. They do not depreciate in value, and the countertop has almost luminous look. Since it is formed by head and pressure, granite surfaces take the heat of a pan, and they are quite sanitary (no bacterial contamination). The durability is also a weakness, as there is no way to change the color. The biggest problem, however, is that granite can crack when hit by a hard and sharp object.urban habitat kitchen marble 3 urban habitat kitchen marble 2 urban habitat kitchen marble 1
Next is the marble countertop, or as designers and homeowners want to put it, the most beautiful surface for your countertop. The spectacular beauty of the marble countertop is the single biggest reason why people purchase them, and the versatility in colors and shapes is remarkable as well.

Additionally, the countertop is heat resistant. The two primary concerns for marble countertop is the porous nature of the material, as it absorbs liquids easily and it is hard if not impossible to get oil, juice and wine out. The second concern is the sturdiness of the material, as sharp knives and heavy pots can easily damage the countertop.

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Last on the list of natural stones is quarts, arguably better option than marble and granite. Quarts offers even wider range of colors, and the result is almost always a luxurious outlook. Another thing that quarts has over granite and marble is that the material is non-porous, resisting stain better. And with so many benefits, the question comes down to the price, as quarts is much more expensive than granite and marble.

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