3 Ways to Make Your Apartment Look Bigger
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3 Ways to Make Your Apartment Look Bigger


One of the major challenges of designing a home is the lack of space. This is why interior designers come up with a lot of unique solutions to make an apartment look like it is bigger than it actually is. It has always been more difficult to work with limited space than it is to design a larger area.

One way to make your living room look bigger is to employ 3D illusion to the area. Use glass shelves and cabinets that will double the reflection of the area. Another way is to use monotone colors that will enhance the use of the glass shelves. White will be one of the perfect color schemes to use.


Another way to maximize the space of your flat is to use a platform bed. Not only are you able to save on the space that is allotted for the bedroom, you are also able to stylishly design your room in a unique way compared to most apartments. You can use the table as partition to the bed and as your work or study area.


One more way to make your apartment look larger is to use dark wood with white. The use of wood and carpentry not only makes your home look more elegant and sophisticated, it also makes a room look streamlined, pristine and more spacious.

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