4 Bedroom Cluster House @ Sunrise Terrace

4 Bedroom Cluster House @ Sunrise Terrace

The living room

By playing with colour, shapes and texture, a unique look is achieved in this house. A petal-shaped feature wall houses the TV and has a sleek built-in console. Yellow patterned wallpaper offers a vibrant splash of colour.

The dining area – view #1

The dining area – view #2

The patterned wall paper flows into the dining area which is defined by a stunning room divider that also is a décor element in itself. Mirrored panels on the wall reflect all the natural light that floods in through large French doors.

The dining area – view #3

The master bedroom

The master bedroom is a perfect example of modern style and class. Texture and colour are brought in with the black, red and white panels on the wall. The TV is mounted onto a chrome pole which adds a contemporary touch. The closet is kept open which is also a modern twist.

The princess’s bedroom

Patterned purple wall paper, plush white carpeted floor and soft lighting make this room plush, inviting and luxurious.

The prince’s bedroom

Bright splashes of green make this room vibrant and fresh. A split-level design concept defines the sleeping and study areas in style.

The study

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