4-Bedroom Industrious Harmony At Rafflesia

4-Bedroom Industrious Harmony At Rafflesia

From the moment you set foot in the apartment, you notice the brick texture that is the signature point of the interior design.

But what is more impressive is the way the designer has managed to make the whole interior to complement the urban feeling of the brick texture.

For example, in the living room, the designer uses smooth cement like material for the TV feature wall, which is the ideal contrast to the bricks both in color and texture.

Arguably, the best element of the apartment is the bar which the designer has installed at the end of the kitchen. With just a small window and brick interior, the designer has created a corner that is both modern and cozy.

In the kitchen, the designer again uses the brick texture, but this time in white color. And again, the designer finds a way to complement the texture. While in the living area, the texture is the focus point, in the kitchen, it serves as the ideal background.

Marble countertop rounds up the kitchen. Marble is an excellent choice, as it is both dramatic, and practical.

The bedroom is done in a classic modern and urban style, with a seating area next to the window bay. In recent years we see more and more use of the space at the window used as a seating area. The TV feature wall, on the other hand, is used to add depth to the room.