4-Room HDB BTO Open Concept Kitchen At Fernvale Link

4-Room HDB BTO Open Concept Kitchen At Fernvale Link

Whoever said that open-concept kitchens won’t work in Singapore? It’s just a matter of your lifestyle and preference. At HomeVista, we challenge the norms and make dreams happen!

You don’t always need to have a TV feature wall in your living room. Sometimes simple shelving and storage solutions will suffice.

In a classic black and white style approach, the designer has managed to keep things simple, clean and neat in the entire interior. The one thing he has changed is to use brown instead of black for the contrast effect.

But starting from the living room, simplicity is the key for success. Instead of a full TV feature wall, the designer opts for shelving, keeping them minimal. And by doing that, the designer places the whole focus of the interior on the quality of finishing.

Floor to ceiling windows allow for enough light in the apartment. Opting for an open concept kitchen, the designer looks to use the light that comes from the living area. In the same simple style, the designer goes for clean, mat white countertop.

And finally, in the bedroom, the designer copies the same approach for the TV feature wall as in the living room. There is no feature cabinet or wall. Instead, the designer places just some shelving.

An underrated aspect of the whole design is the use of one material through the apartment. The shelving, the nightstand in the bedroom and the bottom of the kitchen island are all done in the same décor/material.

Keeping things simple resonates throughout the entire design theme. In the master bedroom, we did away with the need for a TV feature wall. Note the small door on the left side leads to a walk-in wardrobe.