4 Storage Ideas That Will Organize Your Entire House

4 Storage Ideas That Will Organize Your Entire House

weiken creative storage living area
Every modern interior needs storage space, and in most cases, the storage solutions are classic, elegant and simple. In this case, however, we get some creative solutions that provide lots of storage space, but also creative and unique touch to the interior.

Starting from the living area, where the designer uses raw, little crude look of the wooden laminate to emphasize the dramatic outlook of the TV cabinet. Glass display niches on both sides allow homeowners to showcase their precious subjects, but also protect them from the dust.


weiken creative storage dining area

In the dining area, we see another cabinet with lots of boxes and storage options, and again finished with a glass door. However, in the area, the dining table and chairs attract more attention. Trying to add some retro touch as well as warmth to the room, the designer places some vintage wooden chairs to enrich the interior.


weiken creative storage bedroom weiken creative storage bedroom 1Finally, in the master bedroom, the designer tries to combine the sleekness of the modern design with the creative touch of the unique storage cabinets. It is evident that the material used for the carpentry work is more elegant, classy and sleek.