4-Storey Terrace House @ Sembawang

4-Storey Terrace House @ Sembawang

If you want to take a peek into the future, look no further. A true futuristic design combined with the touch of nature to keep it real.

Starting from the neon blue color, to the texture, lamps in the bedroom and the design, everything looks futuristic in the apartment. Neon lights are everywhere, just to add to the feeling of being in some other planet, and some other time.

The neon blue color fits perfectly as a contrast to the all white design. And for the touch of the nature, palms are there just to remind us that the apartment is real, and we are not dreaming.

The kitchen doesn’t look anything close to a kitchen. You actually need few moments to realize that the room is a kitchen. But that is exactly the point with the design, where nothing looks normal. As we applauded the contrast of the neon blue and white, we must apply the same fascination from the lime green/yellow color in the kitchen.