5 Inspiring Living Area Designs For HDB Homes
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5 Inspiring Living Area Designs For HDB Homes

No matter if you like luxurious, bold, simple, modern, Scandinavian or any other design style, the designer can make it happen for you. We see here different designs and arrangements of the living area, and they are all different.

The only thing in common is the TV feature wall, but only in existence. The design of the wall is different. In the first example, we see a bold choice of red color and texture on the TV feature wall. The idea is to add character, and make it look more stylish and bold.

The second example is rather classic and common choice for small apartments, with wooden elements on both sides of the TV for a Scandinavian feel.

The third living room is very similar to the second, but here, there are no wooden elements. Instead, the designer opts for cleaner lines and walls and more minimalistic approach.

In the fourth example, we see something very interesting. Instead of the wall with the TV, the opposite wall is the featured wall in the living room thanks to the wallpaper on it. It is a very interesting setting, totally different than normal, and it is quite refreshing.

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