5 Tips For A State Of The Art Kitchen Island
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5 Tips For A State Of The Art Kitchen Island


The kitchen island is the centerpiece of the kitchen. It is always an issue to add more workplace in the kitchen, and the kitchen island is one of the ways to solve the problem. One thing about kitchen islands, they work best in an open concept kitchens, where they can be the focus point for preparing the food, family gathering, eating and entertainment.

However, no matter how much space you have, we present you five ways you can add a kitchen island to your kitchen, and get a state of the art result. And if you like to add style to your kitchen island, placing some flowers in a vase is always a nice idea.

Glass Divider
Kitchen islands usually fill a number of roles in the kitchen, and they are multifunctional. However, you can always divide it, and get two kitchen islands from one. The goal is to separate the space for eating from the space for preparing the food. A simple glass divider can help with this goal. And the best thing is, the glass divider also looks aesthetically pleasing.

Extended kitchen


Another idea is to extend the kitchen island with a proper dining table. This way, you provide space for guests to hang out, chat, and gossip without being intruding to you. While the guests enjoy their night, you can prepare the food in a more relaxing atmosphere. If you want to include a dining table, it is important that you mention that to your designer before hand, so he/she can find one that suits your interior design style and the island.

Nifty pairings

source: www.narratives.co.uk

While the main function and sole purpose of the kitchen island is to serve as space for preparing food, you can always add some other functions. For example, add a set of hob and hood, some carpentry work, and you’ll get a multifunctional element in your kitchen. And you’ll have everything you need for serving dinner or lunch at one spot.

The Island as a Divider
Nowadays, more and more kitchens are large rooms with laundry area in them. But having the laundry area in the kitchen might look grotesque. So, in order to have a laundry area, and still have an appealing kitchen, you need to separate those two. One of the tricks designers use is to place a kitchen island between the two areas. On one side, you get the kitchen area with the stove, oven, dishwasher machine and everything else you need for your cooking, and on the other side, you can place all the elements that fit the laundry area.

Last, but not least, your kitchen island can be the bar you’ve always dreamt of having. This is more of a Western influence, where home bars are a big thing. All you need to do in order to get the prefect bar is to convert the space overhead and transform into a rack for wine glasses and glassware. Add a section for keeping your wine and other liquors, and you get a perfect spot for friend’s gatherings, small parties, gossip with friends and much more.

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