5 Tips For Buying Furnitures For Small Apartment
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5 Tips For Buying Furnitures For Small Apartment

One of the biggest challenges home owners with small apartments face is buying furniture. The thing is, we would all love to have as much space as possible and get some huge cabinet to fit everything, or go for a large sofa and dining table. source: Design Chapterz

In reality, not everyone are blessed with such opportunity, and we must make the best of what we have. The good news is, there is a solution for your problem and dilemma. No matter if you have too many pieces, your furniture seems big or there are obstacles in the way, you can make it work.

But the hardest step is the first one, and that is embracing the challenge and coping with reality that there is not much room for your dream scenario furniture.

Embrace the challenge to fit and place the furniture, and in the end, you might end up surprised how comfortable and cozy your space might be. The best thing about living in a small apartment? It builds character! Here are five tips that can help you.

1. Access your space

source: apartmenttherapy.com

The next step after you embrace the challenge of decorating your small apartment with furniture is to access your space. It is always a good idea to visualize the environment and find room for everything in your head. If you cannot visualize it in your head, try drawing it on a piece of paper.

When you visualize the space, you will find the challenges and obstacles, and solutions to them as well. For example, if there is a doorway in your room, you need to find a clear walkway through it. Therefore, placing a big piece of furniture can block the traffic.

Another thing to consider is the windows in the room, and their placement. You might want to avoid tall furniture that can block the natural light flow to the room.

2. Access your furniture size
Once you visualize the space and the environment, it is time for the next step in the process of purchasing furniture. Measure the space you have envisioned for your furniture before you go to the shop. Even if you purchase furniture online, the catalogs have dimensions and you can plan the room accordingly.

Workers in retail stores have measurement tapes with them, but it is always a good idea to bring one with you. Start from the largest piece of furniture and the largest wall, and then move to the smaller objects and elements.

3. Go for multifunctional furniture

source: ohgizmo.com

We cannot stress this enough and often, but whenever you operate in small and tight space, you need a piece of furniture that can serve multiple purposes. Make sure that your furniture fits, but you can consider ideas such as futon, a piece of furniture that can be also used as a bed and a sofa.

Your dining table can also be an office desk, or simply a place to put your laptop and possibly a small printer. Small ottomans can be used to hold storage, while large ottomans can also be used as a cocktail table.

4. One piece to rule them all
When you have little space for furniture, it is important that you invest in a piece that will truly be the signature mark of your room. Small spaces are synonym for minimalistic design, which translates in few and the most necessary furniture pieces. So, why don’t make them truly special ones? Whatever you choose, you better make it count.

One example is an armoire in the living room that can serve as the focal point for your entertainment center, and also as storage. In the bedroom, a good example is headboard or footboard with storage or drawers for dressing as they will eliminate the need for a dresser, and look stylish in the same time. You should never compromise style, no matter if you live in small or large apartment.

5. Furniture on a budget

source: bloodandchampagne.com

If the reason for living in a small apartment is the budget, you probably have tight budget for furniture as well. But do not worry, that doesn’t mean you cannot find something good. Online classifieds are a great source for decent furniture. Garage sales are another source you might check up.

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