5 Tips To Make The Kitchen Your Happy Place
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5 Tips To Make The Kitchen Your Happy Place

Your kitchen shouldn’t be just a workspace. It should be an efficient one. Usually, homeowners tend to focus the bulk of their design ideas (and budget) in the living and other rooms.

Depending on your needs, a good kitchen design not only makes life easier when preparing food and cleaning, but also serves as a talking point for guests when they come over. Here are some tips to consider if you’re thinking of refurbishing your kitchen.

1. Plan ahead
Always plan ahead when designing a kitchen. Function should be priority as it is primarily still a workspace. Though there is no ideal shape for a kitchen, keep your sink, fridge and stove within a golden triangle, ideally no more than 6 feet apart.

This helps you eliminate wasted steps and keeps your food, washing and cooking within reach of each other.

The “Golden Triangle” as seen here in this 3D mock-up, keeps your sink, stove and fridge within easy reach of each other.

2. Storage
When planning for your kitchen, you will also want to factor in enough storage space. Use overhead cabinets and have them all the way up to the ceiling. This allows you to keep commonly used items and utensils within a comfortable reach. This also means you have one less unused surface that is left collecting dust.

Have shelves that reach up to the ceiling to maximize storage space.

3. Space and surface
There’s no such thing as too much counter space. If you love cooking, usually you would require more countertop space to work with. Those who prepare simple meals usually require less work space.

Factor in workspace on each side of the stove. This lets you place your cooked food aside easily without going across the kitchen holding a sizzling frying pan. The same applies for the microwave/oven and also the fridge.

Choose a surface that’s easy to work on and care for. In general, most countertops usually come in either laminate or marble/granite – Speak with your ID and get his advice on what types of countertops you should go for depending on your lifestyle.

4. Lighting
Ensure that light is casted on your workspace in front of you. Under-cabinet lights fulfil this very well as they shine directly on countertops and workspaces. Emphasis on kitchen lighting should be on safety due to the presence of sharp objects like knives and other hot surfaces. Under cabinet lights can also help contribute to ambient decorative purposes – Just because it’s a workspace doesn’t mean it can lack style and finesse.

Under cabinet lights help to illuminate your workspace. Image credit: www.pallardyelectric.com

5. Safety First
If you have children, you will want your kitchen to be child-safe. Rounded countertop corners, slip-resistant floors and ovens located at an adult’s height minimize the chances of incidents involving children. Knives should, of course, be stored out of the reach of children.

Hang them on a magnetic strip illuminated by an under-cabinet light or in a knife rack which conceals the entire blade. If possible, keep the stove away from pathways so children don’t accidentally catch pot handles and cause spills when running through.

If your kids have a tendency to come searching for munchies in the kitchen, try dedicating a low cabinet out of your working area for their snack storage. “”You can only open the green cupboard” is what I tell my kids” , one of our clients shared with us, saying that this helps demarcate out-of-bounds areas and helps prevent her children from rummaging through the other cupboards.

All in all, when planning for your kitchen, you need to consider a number of things. Plan a budget and stick to it. There are a lot of items that would be good to have. But if your budget is tight, get what is most important; the additional dishwasher or oven can be put on hold, for now.

Fundamentally it is still a workspace, so your layout should allow you to work smoothly and in the most safe and efficient manner. Not sure how you can incorporate these tips and more into your next kitchen? Ask us how!

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