5 Tips To Save Storage Space In The Kitchen
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5 Tips To Save Storage Space In The Kitchen

Source: Vegas Interior Design

Nowadays, storage is a big issue in Singapore homes. Floor area is getting smaller and smaller and gone are the days where you can afford bigger homes with little money.

With the reduction of size of our homes, finding extra storage or saving space in the existing room is a crucial approach. The more space you can save, the better. And the kitchen is one of those rooms that suffers the most from the reduction of size. By opting for an open space kitchen, homeowners are trying to save valuable space in the apartment. But they can also save space in the kitchen.

1. Magnets and their magic

source: hometalk.com

Some 10 years ago, fridges all around the world were crowded with magnets from vacation, as magnets were and still are one of the cheapest souvenirs you can get. But that approach keeps one of the best hidden storages in the house busy.

The door of the refrigerator is a welcomed storage space for everyone who wants to use it. Nowadays, magnetic storage containers can be bought at almost any big retail store. You can use the containers to store spices or any other ingredients you need for cooking.

You don’t need to place dozens of containers on the fridge and make it look ugly. Five or six containers are more than enough to keep your spices at hand, and save valuable container space.

2. Hanging pans

source: buzzfeed.com

You can get a hanger, place it on the wall, and hang all your pans and utensils on the wall. This way, you will save valuable space from the storage under the sink. Another bonus is that your pans and utensils will be at sight, and you can reach them at any given moment.

The downside of this trick is that it doesn’t look aesthetically nice, but the goal is to save space. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should have an entire wall with pans and utensils. As with everything in interior décor, try not to overdo it.

3. Corners
The space in the corners is often, if not always left unused. The corner space, not just in the kitchen, but in the living room and bedroom as well is considered dead space.

So, what do you say to do something about it? One way you can utilize the corner space is with small, triangle shelves that fit just into the corner. What you place on those shelves is your choice, but you can always use the extra space. If you want functionality, place some containers. If you like beauty, place a vase with a flower in it.

4. Cupboard door
As with almost any other trick, this one does not improve the aesthetics and the outlook of the kitchen. However, the good news is that the storage is well hidden on the back of the door.

The back of the cupboard door can be an excellent storage solution for storing flat objects such as cutting boards. You just need a metal file organizer, attach it to the door, and you get new storage space.

5. Coffee and toast
Toast and coffee is one of the most common breakfast options. But finding a spot for the coffee maker and the toaster is usually a challenge. People tend to store them in shelves, and get them out when needed.

However, technology has advanced so much in recent years, that we now have skinny vertical toasters that can be placed just below the upper elements of the kitchen. And a coffee maker that attaches itself to a cupboard can be placed right next to the toast.

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