5 Ways to Make Small Rooms Appear Bigger and Stylish
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5 Ways to Make Small Rooms Appear Bigger and Stylish

Staying in a small apartment automatically means the lack of space. This is why it is important to maximize every square inch you have without making your home look bulky or lacking. In this article, we show you six photos on maximizing the spaces of small apartments.

Use a platform bed. To make it appear even bigger, install the platform bed within the walls as if it were really part of the whole design. Use one side as the TV feature wall and use the platforms as extra storage for your things.

Add a bit of color to your platform bedroom. Lighter colors such as sky blue help create the illusion of a bigger space. The platform bed can also have a small table attached to its side for work or study. Use the headboard as extra storage space for your things. Add a photo or two to decorate the space.




Here is another room of the same set up in the second photo The use of pastel colors with white helped create a warm vibe and cheerful atmosphere in the bedroom. When you have a small space, it is best to keep the furnishings to the basics and use whatever possible as possible storage areas.


The design of the living area is in contrast with the bedrooms. It uses darker color tones blended with white. This instantly gave the room a classy feel and makes the area seem bigger. The use of focus and minimal lighting helped immensely to achieve the sophisticated charm of the apartment.


This is another option for the first photo using a black headboard as decor and finish to the room setup. By using darker tones, the room is made to look and feel classier than the original white walls.

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